Tuesday, July 4, 2017

3D Nail Stickers

Nail Art has become a milestone in the fashion world and youngsters and women are going all out to inculcate the same in their fashion lifestyle. 3D nail stickers form a very integral part of this trend. Gone are the days when women would just concentrate on their make up, clothes, shoes, bag, etc to get attention and look beautiful. Today, your nails form a style statement and also lead to setting trends. 3D nail stickers are the best way to accessorize and beautify your nails in no time and is absolutely hassle free and non messy. It just takes a couple of minutes and voila you are ready to rock the world with your designer nails. It is the best way to add that extra zing and spice to your overall appearance and personality by decorating your nails the way you want to. These stickers can change your nails to something gorgeous and be responsible for transforming a plain Jane to a stunner. Nails today speak for the kind of personality that you have and make a style statement wherever you go. Today, applying nail polish is just not enough and is far too mundane and boring. These stickers when applied transform ones nails to stunners and is sure to make you the talk of the town. These vibrant and colorful stickers are the ideal way to add your own special touch to your nails and make them classy and tasteful. They are made from a super flex rubber and are self-adhesive since it uses the hospital grade adhesive. One needs to choose the right kind of stickers, which go with ones personality. You can team them up with the kind of dress you are wearing or the occasion/party that you are attending; you can even wear it on a daily basis. These stickers are available in different and vibrant colors, sizes, and shapes such as flowers, fruits, animals, hearts, stars, geometric shapes, abstracts etc. You can find both funky and elegant stickers to go with your mood and personality. If you are going for a wedding or for a quiet dinner you can use Swarovski crystals studded stickers to give your nail that exquisite look. It is imperative that one buys the stickers from a reputed supplier. There are some stickers, which are not of very good quality and comprise of a thin transparent film which is printed with a design followed by a layer of top coat, which leads to the weakening of the glue and the fading of the design. For something more permanent, it is ideal to use stickers that are created by using rubber resin ink where the ink is plied with numerous layers. To apply the 3D nail stickers, one needs to clean the surface of the nail and dry it thoroughly. Then peel sticker from its sheet and put the design on top of your nail and rub gently so that it sticks on the nail. One needs to be cautious to not touch the adhesive back. You then apply top coat to the entire nail and repeat the same process if required. It can be applied to both polished and unpolished nails. 3D nail stickers are non messy, easy and quick and this is what makes them so much in demand for women who want to go out and win over people wherever they go with their trendy style and nails.

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